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Cat Grooming with a Holistic Approach...


We absolutely love cats and want them to have a good experience with grooming, so we take a holistic approach! The holistic philosophy of Hollywoof is simple; always treat pets with respect, compassion, patience, & affection. They deserve no less! We love cats, have several of our own, and we are advocates for their welfare. 

It can be stressful on a cat when their fur is matted or packed and they no longer allow their owner to attend to their needs, therefore we are very gentle when handling and strive to create a positive experience for your cat during grooming.

Brushing out the entire coat


Cleaning the Ears and Eyes 

Styling the cat’s coat on the request of the customer:

Clipping off and brushing out all knots and mats; tidying up the paws, trimming the coat with scissors to finish, clipping off sanitary area/belly and tidying up the chest/mane.

A finishing hair treatment with liquid silk protein for the coat.

We also happily share advice on cat grooming tools, grooming products and grooming after care.

Please note: Bathing is never done on highly stressed cats as it could traumatize the cat or even cause a heart attack or stroke. It is up to our professional discretion whether or not to bathe. Though cats look great with freshly bathed fur, not all cats need baths. The cats best interests & health ALWAYS come first with holistic grooming. 

  • Short fur: $70; $90 with haircut

  • Medium or short plush: $80; $100 with haircut

  • Long: $90, $110 with haircut price for fur in good condition only

  • Super Puffs & Persians: $100, $130 with haircut in good condition only.

Includes those with very long & dense fur breeds such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Himalayan, Ragdoll, & Siberian. Note: your cat may be of one of these breeds but not a ‘super puff’.


Cats with fur that is not in good condition due to matting, packed in dead undercoat, excessive oiliness, debris, etc. will incur an additional charge depending on amount of extra time needed to correct the condition. 

As always, our work is backed by our seven day guarantee, because you're worth it!



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