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Katherine, Owner, Grooming Instructor,  and Lead Groomer

Katherine has been grooming for over a decade, placing high value on the educational and health side of grooming. That being said, she is also a certified Pet CPR and First Aid instructor and a Certified Canine Esthetician. Currently, Katherine is teaching full time at The Eastside's Academy of Pet Grooming, instructing the next generation of pet grooming professionals.

Katherine regularly attends continuing education seminars with her staff and feels that grooming should have a holistic approach behind it. She is the founder of Hollywoof Pet Salon and The Eastside's Academy of Pet Grooming. As a life long lover of animals, Katherine could not take more pride in the services that her company provides to the many pet owners and pet professionals who live and work in the tri-county area!


Lindsay, National Certified Master Groomer;
Former Instructor/Certifier for NCGIA

Lindsay is a Master Groomer and Competitive Groomer who is a rising star in the contestant ring. She values her ability to not only to groom to perfection, but her ability to handle all animals with care and a gentle touch. Lindsay has been grooming for just over 20 years, with her career beginning under her mother's supervision in the show world. Lindsay has a deep love of all animals and would rescue feral kitties as a child, befriending and feeding them until they would come home with her. Later in life, Lindsay opened the first "feline exclusive" salon in her city, and was asked to represent and certify for the National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA). She has helped countless others prepare for their tests and begin their own careers providing the best quality of care to the felines. Lindsay's deep commitment to our four legged friends led her into a life long love of her career and insatiable thirst for knowledge in their care. 


Alyssa,  Assistant  Manager to Hollywoof;
The  "Tangle Taming, Pelt Shaving,
Rescue Loving" Angel

Alyssa has been grooming for just over 2 years, after apprenticing under not only Katherine, but the entire Hollywoof team! She is detail orientated and wants to make sure every pet has the best possible experience, not just in the quality of care but the experience as a whole! After 10 years of being a full time mom, Alyssa swears the dogs and cats have completely saved her sanity and helped her find herself again. She is completely grateful for them and forever repaying the favor, making sure they feel just as welcomed and loved by her as she has felt by them. Alyssa's heart is with the rescue animals, she wants them to have the same "second chance" at life that she feels she has had. Her caring, nurturing heart gives the dogs the love they need in order to feel secure in the difficult process of pelt removal and neglect assistance. She truly has a heart of gold and her passion is on fire for the animals in her care. Alyssa is currently helping us schedule appointments and maintain a "stress free" schedule for your loved one, as she feels it's an important aspect of everyone's visit to our salon. 


Gina,   Dog Groomer;
Former Instructor at BINGO,
The Dog Whisperer (Tolerates People)

Gina is a former instructor at the Bingo Institute of Dog Grooming and a Professional Pet Groomer for 5 years. Gina finds her joy in life when she with animals, her understanding of them goes far beyond just your basic, "he's such a good boy!" She can read their body language and sees why they are so "good" and what's motivating them to be so happy. She is a true animal lover through and through! Gina's vision in life is to come home to her 2 standard Poodles and her rescue Calico. Her favorite dogs are full of personality and who love to love her back! 


Jasmine, Dog Groomer; 
Instructor at The Eastside Academy of Dog Grooming, Color "Queen" 

Jasmine has been grooming for 8 years, and working with pets at grooming salons for the last 12 years. Jasmine is meticulous to say the least, listening to the details of conversation, so that she knows exactly what you want for your dog. She loves poodles and has a few of her own. Jasmine is an overall vibrant and happy young lady and always starts her day off with a smile!

Madison, Dog Groomer;
Graduate of The Eastside Academy of Dog Grooming,
Veterinary Assistant, Bull Dog Enthusiast 


Breanna, Dog   Groomer; 
"Soon To Be"
National Certified Master Groomer,
Pit Bull Lover,
Creator of our "Bougie  Baby" Package

Breanna is known as the "Gentlest Groomer in Grosse Pointe," according to our clients. Bre's patience and kindness is extended to all the dogs she meets, and she cares for them all like her own! You should be jealous of her pets- they have their own room, with their own pet fish, and Nibbler gets weekly paw'dicures... Bre didn't realize it at the time, but she inspired us to add the "Bougie Baby" package to our salon services with the amount of pampering that she does with every pet lucky enough to step onto her table! Breanna has been grooming professionally for just over 7 years and looking forward to completing her National Certified Master Groomer course, making her one of the less than 5 registered in our great State of Michigan. 


Brianna, Dog Groomer;
Assistant Instructor at
The Eastside Academy of Dog Grooming,
Has the "Patience  of a Saint"

Brianna has been grooming professionally for 5 years. She has been a tremendous help at our school, working students through the meticulous care of coat "prep work."  She is a bright young lady with a deep love of animals! Brianna proudly boasts of her self proclaimed "zoo" at home, and wouldn't change a thing about it for anything! A rising star in our school, and salon, Brianna specializes in grooming puppies and senior dogs, giving them the extra love and attention they need to feel confident in themselves and make their spa day stress free.... "Bring me your puppies, all of them!!!"

Jenna, Dog Groomer;
The "Fluff" Expert

Jenna is a wonderful young lady and is all about the Husky dogs! She has her own beloved baby at home and understands how goofy they truly are. Jenna has become a phenomenal groomer after her one year internship with Hollywoof, working with all sizes and temperaments of pets. She has some amazing "prep" in her step. Her attention to the small details, as well as her gentle and tender touch, is gearing her up for a lifetime of success in the salon and the show ring. Jenna's goal is to enter into "Recue Round," a challenging grooming and styling competition on local area rescue dogs. She's a gem, and like us, the dogs are lucky to have her! 


Adreonna, Dog Groomer;
Graduate of The Eastside Academy of Dog Grooming,
Introvert But Willing to Discuss Dogs


Brittany, Dog Groomer;
The "Boofs" Expert,
Asian Fusion Specialty Groomer,
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Enthusiast  

Hollywoof Pet Salon is always hiring smiling and big hearted professional groomers!
If you, or someone you know, would like to join our grooming team, call or drop into the salon!

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